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Lucas Bleackley Petter

  • Artist, designer, & filmmaker
  • Bachelor of Media Arts
  • Vancouver, BC
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About me

I was born across the street from Walt Disney Studios world headquarters in Burbank, California — the heart of cinema, broadcast and animation production in North America. I'm an artist, designer, filmmaker, and computer technologist in Vancouver, British Columbia, with a Bachelor of Media Arts degree in animation from Emily Carr University of Art & Design. My specialties include creative technologies such as animation, video and sound production, graphic and web design, and digital printing, as well as handmade fine art and computer systems.

Specialties & interests

Video production and animation. Having independently created dozens of short films, and worked as a freelancer, I have broad skill set that includes video editing; camera and microphone operation; time-lapse; motion graphics; compositing; 3D and 2D computer animation; stop motion, hand drawn, and paper cut-out traditional animation; and output for various distribution formats. I even programmed my own automated render farm system to dramatically speed production time for 3D animation. Software used: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash, Autodesk Maya, Final Cut Pro.

I'm a sound engineer. With 3 years of sound design study in university, I'm adept at studio and field recording with many types of microphones, understanding physical acoustic properties, and editing sound with digital audio workstations and mixing consoles. I have professional experience mixing sound for film and podcasts, as well as operating audio systems for live events. Software used: Adobe Audition, Avid Pro Tools, Apple GarageBand.

Graphic design runs in my family. Both my dad and grandfather had long careers in the industry in Los Angeles and I'm continuing the artistic lineage here in Vancouver. I've designed branding and promotional materials using my skills in illustration, photography, typography, copyediting, and visual communication to attract, inspire, and motivate viewers. My familiarity with colour-managed workflows enables me to achieve colour accuracy in both screen and printed output. Software used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape.

I've been developing websites since elementary school. Front-end code languages like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript are native to me and I'm very comfortable with content management systems like WordPress and administration of servers like Apache. My favourite system is developing with the Jekyll static site generator and creating responsive desktop and mobile layouts with the Bootstrap design framework; was built with these tools and large amounts of hand coding. I'm also experienced in search engine optimization, page load speed, Google analytics, and site security. Software used: Apache, Nginx, WordPress, Jekyll, Google Analytics, Certbot, OpenSSL, Git, Atom.

I'm a computer security and online privacy enthusiast. A personal interest in cyber security has led me to study a wide variety of subjects, such as TLS/SSL, cryptography, IT infrastructure, firewalls, hardware authentication tokens, safe web browsing, encrypted messaging, and more. Surveillance systems are particularly fascinating, as are strategies for circumventing them. Recently, I developed a Firefox and Chrome browser extension, DicePhrase, for generating strong, memorable passphrases. Also, check out my other software, as well as projects to which I contribute on GitHub. Software used: Tor, Tails, HTTPS Everywhere, OpenSSL, DNSCrypt, Certbot, GnuPG, Git.

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